My Trip to China: Planning and Expectations

A cheap airline ticket and a strong desire to visit a country of 1.3 billion people took me to China in October, 2018. While I’ve been to Hong Kong in the past, this was my first trip to mainland China, where I visited Beijing and Zhangjiajie.

During this 8-day solo adventure, I had a chance to reflect and learn more about myself, pushed personal boundaries and got my patience tested several times. Along the way, I had a great time, met awesome people and ate delicious food. This trip was successful by all measures, and I attribute its success to planning and setting realistic expectations.

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Hotel Wall-Mounted Shower Dispensers, Good or Bad?

Shower Wall-Mounted Dispensers

During a recent stay at the Fairfield Inn in San Carlos, CA, I noticed that the small individual bottles of body-wash, shampoo, and conditioner have disappeared from the sink counter. Instead, three large wall-mounted dispensers were installed on the the shower wall. This change didn’t surprise me as I’ve read a few months back that this wave is coming to five Marriott brand hotels, the Fairfield Inn being one of them. Continue reading “Hotel Wall-Mounted Shower Dispensers, Good or Bad?”

My Travel Apps, Some I Can’t Travel Without

Do you long for the days when one had to go through a travel agent, yes a human one, to help organize world travel, find the best airline fare, book a hotel room and set an itinerary for the greatest adventure ever? I personally don’t. Today, you can do it all on your own using a smartphone and mobile apps while sitting in your living room enjoying your favorite TV show. Continue reading “My Travel Apps, Some I Can’t Travel Without”

The Hunt for a Better Seat

Do you ever keep looking for a better seat on a flight after you have purchased your ticket and selected a seat, provided that a choice seat wasn’t available at the time of booking? I find myself doing it frequently. In this case, I reserve the best available seat at the time of booking and continue to check the flight seating chart hoping for a better option to become available – yes, using luck as a hack strategy. Continue reading “The Hunt for a Better Seat”

Airline Review: Southwest 1716 PHX to SAN

It has been a while since I flew Southwest (SW). Today, I took it from Phoenix to San Diego – a quick and easy one-hour flight. I must first admit that I have been an American Airlines (AA) loyal customer for several years now. However, this time I had an early meeting and the first AA flight would have put me in San Diego by about noon.

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Unlimited Inflight WiFi!

Reasonably priced unlimited inflight wifi really exist, and it works! It is unlimited for $10 per month provided by US Mobile.

This service is advertised to work on many airlines, including international ones. You can check the entire list here. It is also touted to connect devices over 60+ million hotspots including international ones – could this be the end of the hefty data roaming charges!

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