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Apple Watch

The Apple Watch: A Timely Travel Companion

I wrestled with the question of whether to purchase an Apple Watch for almost three years. To clarify, I hesitated for three reasons. First, I had abandoned watches after smartphones introduced Airplane Mode, which made it possible to keep the phone on during a flight. Second, I questioned the wisdom of paying more than $300 for a watch. Third, I honestly did not see that much value in the features of the early models of the Apple Watch.

Uber Passanger and Vechicle

Phoenix Uber Ride Pass

How does the Uber Ride Pass work? On August 28th, 2018, Uber sent me an email to activate an Uber Ride Pass in Phoenix. This promotion offered flat-rate uberX rides for a month. This is a dream come true! In the past, I’ve come across ads for the Uber Ride […]

Unlimited Inflight WiFi!

Reasonably priced unlimited inflight wifi really exist, and it works! It is unlimited for $10 per month provided by US Mobile. This service is advertised to work on many airlines, including international ones. You can check the entire list here. It is also touted to connect devices over 60+ million hotspots including […]