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Hotel Bathroom

Hotel Wall-Mounted Shower Dispensers, Good or Bad?

During a recent stay at the Fairfield Inn in San Carlos, CA, I noticed that the small individual bottles of body-wash, shampoo, and conditioner have disappeared from the sink counter. Instead, three large wall-mounted dispensers were installed on the the shower wall.

Airplane Interior

The Hunt for a Better Seat

Do you ever keep looking for a better seat on a flight after you have purchased your ticket and selected a seat, provided that a choice seat wasn’t available at the time of booking? I find myself doing it frequently. In this case, I reserve the best available seat at […]

Uber Passanger and Vechicle

Phoenix Uber Ride Pass

How does the Uber Ride Pass work? On August 28th, 2018, Uber sent me an email to activate an Uber Ride Pass in Phoenix. This promotion offered flat-rate uberX rides for a month. This is a dream come true! In the past, I’ve come across ads for the Uber Ride […]