Travel Accessories I Won’t Travel without

Travel Accessories I Won’t Travel without

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Whether I am traveling for business or pleasure, I always do my best to prepare and stay organized for the trip. Yet despite my ‘best-laid plans,’ many inconveniences still arise that waste time and make travel frustrating. What to do? A few travel accessories I have invested in have eased or eliminated a few of these nuisances.

Here I will focus on three travel accessories that have helped me the most. They’ve provided solutions to major sources of inconvenience while on the road.

1. Portable Power Charger

Date Purchased: June 23, 2019 (paid $65.99)

Travel Accessories: Portable Power Charger - Anker PowerCore 26800
Anker PowerCore 26800

Having a portable charger gives me peace of mind. I no longer worry that my iPhone or iPad will run out of power, especially during a long flight that doesn’t have power outlets.

Verdict: Love it!

The Anker PowerCore 26800 can charge my iPhone six times or my iPad at least twice. In addition, it provides high-speed charging for up to three devices simultaneously and recharges twice as fast compared to standard portable chargers. This is a result of having two micro-USB inputs.

Amazon Reviews: Anker PowerCore 26800

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2. Portable Power Strip

Date Purchased: June 23, 2019 (paid $28.99)

Travel Accessories: Portable Power Strip - Anker PowerPort Cube
Anker PowerPort Cube

Has your laptop ever run out of battery because the nearest power outlet is too far away? Mine has in the past but not anymore, thanks to this compact power strip.

Verdict: Love it!

The Anker PowerPort Cube has three AC outlets and three USB power ports. It comes with a five-foot extension cord, which is quite enough for me. This is an extremely compact power hub. In addition, it comes equipped with overload protection.

In case you aren’t convinced yet. This cube is less than 2 ½ cubic inches, which is ideal for space-saving in my laptop bag.

Amazon Reviews: Anker PowerPort Cube

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3. Accessories and Cable Organizer

Date Purchased: May 9, 2018 (paid $19.99)

Travel Accessories: Cable Organizer - BAGSMART Electronic Organizer
BAGSMART Organizer

Before I bought this cable organizer, cord management was a chronic issue for me.

Verdict: Love it!

The BAGSMART Organizer is made of heavy-duty and water repellent nylon. It works well to organize and protect my small accessories and cables.

This organizer has multiple pockets of various sizes, which provide great flexibility. It is also lightweight, which makes it easy to carry and store in my laptop bag.

Amazon Reviews: BAGSMART Organizer

Bottom Line

I won’t travel without these three travel accessories. Along with my iPhone and Apple Watch, they have earned a permanent place in my laptop bag.

Whether you are getting ready for an out-of-town meeting or taking the family on a road trip, these accessories will ease some of the stress and put your mind at ease.

Finally, don’t forget that they also make a great gift for the travelers in your life.

If you have other useful travel accessories, please share in a comment. I am always looking for ones to enhance my travel experience.

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  1. That portable power strip looks amazing! I didn’t even know those existed. The portable power chargers are so great as well – my friend had a solar-powered one for when we trekked Mt. Kenya and it was really good.

  2. A portable power charger is an absolute must! I never travel without it. 🙂 I also have a cell phone lens kit that has really come in handy, especially when visiting a National Park

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