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How does the Uber Ride Pass work?

Pheonix Ubber Ride Pass

On August 28th, 2018, Uber sent me an email to activate an Uber Ride Pass in Phoenix. This promotion offered flat-rate uberX rides for a month. This is a dream come true!

In the past, I’ve come across ads for the Uber Ride Pass in various US cities. However, I’ve always wondered when Uber will offer it in my home town, Phoenix.

As a result of the email, I paid $5.00 a one-time activation fee to unlock the $5.99 uberX flat rate. This offer gave me unlimited uberX rides at this reduced rate throughout the Phoenix metro area and it was valid for 28 days. There must be a catch, right? You guess it right, it had some fine prints as you would expect. However, this offer had major exclusions. As an example, trips to and from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport were not included. Sigh!

Phoenix Area - Uber Ride Pass


Phoenix Uber Ride Pass Savings

I have had several rides ranging from 5 to 12 miles since I unlocked this offer ten days ago. I am happy to say that the Phoenix Uber Ride Pass works as advertised.

In summary, Uber reported that I have saved $44 so far, which is a really good deal. On the other hand, my average ride charge was $7.25, which includes tips. With 16 days left on my Ride Pass, I hope to save even more.

The question that begs to be asked, will Uber offer the Ride Pass permanently in Phoenix? From everything I have read, I doubt it. I think Uber will continue to tease us and send emails inviting customers to participate in future promotions.

Seriously though, if Uber offers the Ride Pass in Phoenix permanently, I would consider ditching my personal car, especially that Uber is one of my apps I can’t travel without.

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