It’s a Wrap! Weekly Wrap-up: January 05, 2020

It’s a Wrap! Weekly Wrap Up

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Welcome to my first-ever, weekly wrap-up. One of my goals for 2020 is to keep my website active. To accomplish this, I am committing to being disciplined about posting frequently. As such, I will be posting a weekly roundup of the favorite things I’ve either read or done during the previous week.

Here is to kicking off the year and holding myself accountable.

1. In the News

Boeing 737 Max

2. Blog Post of the Week

John Pavlovitz: Everyone Around You is Grieving. Go Easy.

John reminds us to be kind to each other and go easy. Being kind to one another could be the thread by which we hang on. I wholeheartedly agree with John, especially if you are traveling in a foreign country. I would add that it doesn’t cost anything to be kind.

We need to remind ourselves just how hard the hidden stories around us might be, and to approach each person as a delicate, breakable, invaluable treasure—and to handle them with care.

John Pavlovitz:

3. Twitter Activity

3.1 Twitter Chat

I’ve found a great avenue in Twitter chats to connect with fellow travelers and bloggers. They have also given me the opportunity to showcase some of my blog posts and photos. As a result, I have experienced some increase in my blog traffic.

This past Sunday, January 5, 2020, I was able to participate in the monthly #SundaySunsets Twitter chat.

This was my contribution to the #SundaySunstes Twitter chat:

For more details about this chat and how to participate, read this blog post by Pamela Rossi (Always5Star) :

3.2 Tweet of the Week

This tweet by Pat Wetzel of CancerRoadTrip spoke to me. I will add this: Travel solo and you will find yourself.

4. Instagram Shout-out

This week’s Instagram shout-out goes to Kelly McInroy-Edwards. He is very talented and I always get inspired by his architectural photographs. This one, showcasing the Neue Kirche (New Church) in Berlin, is a brilliant night-shot from his feed.

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New Old. Flanking the Konzerthaus on the Gendarmenmarkt are two churches (Kirche): The Französischer Dom (French Cathedral of Friedrichstadt), and this is the Neue Kirche, colloquially called the Deutscher Dom (German Cathedral). Both are nearly identical and both were built in the early 1700’s, though with different designs and for different congregations. Both have identical domed towers that were built in 1780 adjacent to the main church hall as a means to unify and improve the square as a royal area to rival Versailles, both suffered severe damage in WWII, and have since been restored. Contrary to both its official and colloquial names, it is neither a church nor a cathedral as it never housed a bishop (‘Dom’ is French for dome/cupola). It now houses a German Parliament museum. Considering the rest of Berlin’s history, some may consider this square unremarkable, but the storied past of Gendarmenmarkt inspires appreciation for restoration of unique architecture that developed over time. Berlin was captivating us right outside our hotel, and we had not yet explored its most notable sites yet! #deutscherdom #neuekirche #gendarmenmarkt #berlingermany #besteuropephotos #europe_pics #berlingram #instagermany #travelgermany #exploreberlin #bestofberlin #bestgermanypics #travelfriendly #travelanddestinations #traveldreams #mashurtrip #worldtravelphotography #photostory #travelstory #travelife #travelshots #travelanddestinations #bestdestinations #bucketlisttravel #cntraveler #forbestravel #culturetrip #simplyamazing #travelphotographer #kellymcinroyedwards

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5. Let’s Wrap it Up!

Let’s wrap it up with something I learned this week.

Do you know what Nyepi means? My friend Gabby Lewis explains on this blog post: Should You Travel to Bali During Nyepi?

So long, until next week!

I would love to hear from you on this “It’s a Wrap!” What did you like and what improvements should I consider? Please leave your feedback in a comment below.

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