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Airplane Interior
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The Hunt for a Better Seat

Do you ever keep looking for a better seat on a flight after you have purchased your ticket and selected a seat, provided that a choice seat wasn’t available at the time of booking? I find myself doing it frequently. In this case, I reserve the best available seat at […]

Uber Passanger and Vechicle
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Phoenix Uber Ride Pass

How does the Phoenix Uber Ride Pass work? On August 28th, 2018, I received an email from Uber to unlock flat rate uberX rides in Phoenix using Ride Pass. My dream has come true! I have seen the ads for Ride Pass in San Francisco for a while now and […]


Airline Review: Southwest 1716 PHX to SAN

It has been a while since I flew Southwest (SW). Today, I took it from Phoenix to San Diego – a quick and easy one-hour flight. I must first admit that I have been an American Airlines (AA) loyal customer for several years now. However, this time I had an […]