Pigeon Bastilla, any one!

The restaurant at Palais de Fes Dar Tazi was recommended to us by Mohsin, a friend and a colleague, who visited Fes a year ago. We went for dinner after a long daytrip and we were not disappointed; awesome food and super friendly staff.

We had a preset three course meal; the food was great and served in generous portions. We had a selection of Moroccan salads for the appetizer; pigeon bastilla, chicken and meatball tajins for the main course; and a selection of fresh fruit for dessert.

The pigeon bastilla was the highlight of the meal – flaky, sweet, and stuffed with well seasoned pigeon meet and almond filling. This was the third bastilla I have had in Morocco, and it was by far the best. According to our host, it is the official dish of Fes and is traditionally served in weddings.

It is also pronounced pastilla.


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