Tomato Consommé

“And, for your next tapas you will be served tomato salad with chilled tomato consommé” said our host at Bodega 1900. “Come again, what is tomato consommé?” I responded. I literally had to “google it“!

On our last day in Barcelona, we stumbled across Bodega 1900 on tripadvisor and decided to go since it had great reviews and within walking distance from where we were. We went with the “Chef’s Choice” as recommended by our host, which is a surprise menu of tapas selected by the chef based on how hungry one is.

This was quite an experience! We had several tapas served in small portions, the first of which was a liquid olive. A first for me, which I am not sure how to describe other than it is different. I almost choked on it because of the sudden burst of flavors. The other tapas were great and tasty, the tomato salad and chilled tomato consommé were the best. The chilled tomato consommé was delicate and delicious; it had an intense tomato flavor infused with mint and other herbs.

Food was prepared right to the side of where we were seated and we got to see the presentation from scratch. Even though the prices were high, overall this was a great sensational experience in a cozy venue.


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