Unlimited Inflight WiFi!

Reasonably priced unlimited inflight wifi really exist, and it works! It is unlimited for $10 per month provided by US Mobile.

This service is advertised to work on many airlines, including international ones. You can check the entire list here. It is also touted to connect devices over 60+ million hotspots including international ones – could this be the end of the hefty data roaming charges!

After I signed up, the process of linking my phone to the account was a bit buggy and I had to call technical support to get help. The rep I spoke to was knowledgeable and helpful. My advice is to follow the setup instructions exactly as outlined on the website. I suspect my issue was user error.

I have an iPhone and while inflight it was easy to connect to the American Airlines Gogo wifi service. Here is how I got it to connect:

  1. Once the plane has reached the altitude where Gogoimg_7661-2inflight wifi is available, go to Settings and enable wifi while the phone is still on airplane mode.
  2. Launch the iPass app and it should recognize the Gogo wifi network.
  3. iPass then prompts you to activate service on the phone. Enter the CAPTCHA code presented and click Start Surfing.

Once connected, the iPass app should indicate that you are connected and online.

Bottom Line

I immediately signed up when I heard about this service – yes I was skeptical – it sounded too good to be true. I have now tested it on five American Airlines flights, and so far it has worked as advertised.

And, I have canceled my Gogo inflight wifi monthly subscription, which used to cost $49.95 per month.

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